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How you feel about your body and believe others think of you, may affect your confidence and therefore your choices. It could be something that has happened, diagnosed, said or seen that can set you in the wrong direction… we are here to help. Give us a call at Rejuvenate Wellness Centre in Rockhampton a call. Your initial consultation is free.

Why choose Rejuvenate Wellness Centre?

The learnings Rossana stockpiled as a daughter of an Iridologist, Chiropractor and Naturopath inspired her to seek formal training and qualifications in body changing therapies. Rossana has the experience to advise what options are available and more importantly the best ones for you. From losing weight, skin tightening, hair removal, reducing cellulite, treating skin pigmentation and more, Rossana can help you gain more self-confidence, energy and find a new zest for life.

At Rejuvenate we offer safe, non-invasive, effective treatments. You might look back at this being the first step in a new direction in your life’s journey.

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